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Comenius "Energy in the Future"

1. Projekt-Treffen fand in Ende Oktober in Ede (NL) statt.
Project meeting in Ede, 27.10.2013 – 1.11.2013

Teilnehmer des 1. Treffens in Ede (NL)We joined the Comenius-project “Energy in the future”, because we wanted to meet people from other countries and we wanted to visit the Netherlands. Working on the topic was a great experience.

Sunday evening we arrived in Ede-Wageningen by train. We were very excited to meet our exchange students. Then we went to them and had our first dinner in the Netherlands. It tasted very good. After dinner we talked and watched TV and then we went to bed, because we were tired from the long journey. We slept well. In the morning after we had had breakfast we went to the Airborne-museum. There was an Airbourne experience, through which you could walk. It was very interesting and a bit scary, too. After that we visited an old castle. There we had to fill out a questionnaire, but it was in Dutch. After that we went to McDonalds with our exchange partners. It was very funny.

On Tuesday we had to meet at school again. Then we listened to a presentation about physical energy and made an experiment with a citrus-battery. In the afternoon we had to present our own presentations about where we come from and energy in our countries. Later we went home to our guest families. On Wednesday we went to Amsterdam. There we visited NEMO. It is a technical museum, where you can do and try things on your own. It was very interesting. In the afternoon we went shopping. That was very funny too, because we did that with our exchange partners.

Now it is Thursday and we have to work on some assignments: We are preparing a questionnaire about energy consumption and we are working on our project-homepage. And in the afternoon we are going to go to the “Laser Game”. It is a game, where you shoot each other with laserpointers. We hope it will be fun. In the evening we want to meet each other and watch a movie. Maybe in German with Dutch subtitles. Tomorrow we will go home. But we don’t want to, because we had much fun with our new friends from the Netherlands and we are looking forward to their visit in Germany.

 Thanks again, Nele, Alina, Kristel, Pia, Lea and Jonas!



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