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2nd Project Meeting Erasmus+ in Ede(NL)

Logo Erasmus +The 2nd Report about the Project Meeting Erasmus+ “Career Perspectives in Europe – Chances and Challenges” in ede, Netherlands, March 2016
by Jonas, Yannick, Magdalena and Kirei.

Monday, March 7th

On Monday around 8:45 we all met at school for the first time. The whole group consists of people from Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and Germany an in the morning we came together to present our PowerPoint Presentations. Before the presentations started, we received a tour around the school and the headmaster welcomed us. After that the presentations started in a room in the Marnix Junior building (the Marnix College is split into two buildings, one for the older and one for the younger students).
Everybody prepared two presentations: one about the work chances and the biggest employers in the region and one with the survey results from the quetsionaire ”My future and I” which was prepared in the previous meeting in Italy.
When all the presentations were over, we had a last task: to take some group pictures of us in front of the school. After we finished it, we were allowed to go home. All the students were invited to Juuls home, where we ate pancakes and sat together.

Tuesday, March 8th

Our daily main target at the third day we stayed in Ede was the Plantium , so we all met at school around 9:00 am. A bicycle tour seemed to be the easiest way to reach this big auction-hall for plants . After nearly the whole group arrived at the Plantium the guide started with a tour trough the big halls full of plants. He told us a lot about the logistic, planning and the sale of plants.
The next point on our daily list after this informative tour was the Vaak school which is a vocational school in Wageningen. Here, students can learn how to work in different jobs, like in hotel business, travel agences, restaurant or a bakery. The school was different from a school in Germany because the school has its own hotel, its own travel agency asnd of course a restaurant and a bakery. Here, students were able to practice what they’ve learnt. After finishing the visiting trough this place we got free time from our teachers and we were free to do whatever we wanted. So, some of us went to the house of a student from the Netherlands.

Wednesday, March 9th

On Wednesday we all had to come to school at 9:15. First we met with the other students in the auditorium but then we went to a classroom upstairs. There the Dutch teacher presented a PowerPointPresentation about the EuroPass which was really interesting because the EuroPass is a good way to get a job anywhere in Europa. After the presentation we had time to make our own EuroPass. When we all were ready we were divided in groups (the Germans with their exchange partners, the Polish with theirs ...). Each group got an iPad from the Dutch teacher. After lunch the groups made a bicycle tour around Ede and took group pictures at fixed places. At 4.00 o’clock all students and the Dutch teacher went to “Intersphere” for a Laser game. We separated into three groups and in one game two groups played against each other. It was much fun. When we were ready with the Laser game the official program was over and first we met McDonalds and than went to a girl’s house where we had a great evening.

Thursday, March 10th

First we went to the big “Markthalle”, where we bought and ate a lot of the tasty food. After that we had a tour around Rotterdam harbor by boat. This was very exciting because we saw the Erasmus bridge and a lot of big towers. Then we had 3 hours of free time. We walked around the city and went shopping. Finally we went back to Ede and in the evening we all met and watched a movie.

Friday, March 11th

On Friday around 10am we all met in school for the last time. We went to a classroom and had to write about our expectations and views on the topic "Career Perspectives in Europe". Afterwards a group photo with all the Erasmus+ project partners was taken in front of the school before we went to the train station. With the two German teachers Mr Zobel and Mrs Wegener we took a train to Arnhem. There everybody had some free time, for example to go shopping or for a museum of some sort. At exactly 4pm we all met up with the two teachers at the train station for the journey back to Ede. We then went to the Bowling Center in Ede for a few rounds of bowling and a farewell feast to end the week. It was great fun bowling with all the new friends I had made over the week. The food was delicious, there were different types of meat to cook on a hotplate and chips and potato croquettes with dips as side dishes. Everybody seemed to have a great time. After the meal there were speeches by Mr Fooy and then the teachers and the students went their separate ways. All of the students were invited to Femke's to hang out one last time before leaving the next morning. So everybody made their way to his or her house after leaving the Bowling Center. There was lots of laughter and sharing of stories with each other. The evening ended on a high and I think we were all sad to see each other go.

The whole report as .pdf

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